An Honest Feedback To SBS

A few days ago, I was taking the SBS bus service '27'. It was during the off-peak hour and the bus was not congested with commuters. The journey went smoothly until a senior citizen boarded the bus. He was walking wobbly with only a wooden stick to support him.

And then the bus captain did the most unthoughtful act ever - he pressed on the accelerator before the old man could reach his seat. The elderly nearly fell face first, only lucky to be saved by an unintentional hero who happened to be standing right in front of him.

So here is my feedback to SBS:
Please at least educate your bus captains to wait for any senior citizen to sit before continuing the journey. It is very risky and dangerous to do otherwise as the elderly is certainly not strong enough to withstand the sudden oppose in force.

This is an honest feedback by a TPJCian who takes the bus everyday. Thank you. =)


Anonymous said...

I agree, but i've seen alot of bus captains who always do so. Perhaps its only the minority?

Well, blame inertia. :D

maxipad said...

some drivers are fucking stupid.

this guy once closed the door when the bus is too packed to be bored he didn't even had the mind to think to say : i'm closing the door, get the fuck back.

maxipad said...


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