JC1 Promotional Results

I received this update from a blogger:

Assembly today was somewhat like a wake up call for some of us. About 40% of the J1 batch in TPJC did not meet the promotional criteria. My class’ average grade is between D and E. It seems pretty bad.

This is pretty poor. I am not sure what happened. Perhaps, some of the JC1 students could share with us the reasons which led to the less-than-average results. Nevertheless, I believe there is a silver lining to this - our juniors have realized their mistakes. Feeling regretful to what you have done for the past ten months or so shows that you have matured and want to take your studies more seriously.

I wonder some of us like to slack, even though we’re in JC. I think we all find it hard to let go of the care-free secondary school life, when we could play soccer everyday after school.

I have to agree with the blogger. We all tend to have this false belief that JC1 is a slack year. I am one of the culprits. Studying seems peripheral to our JC life in year one; socializing and slacking somehow takes priority. Unfortunately, it is all ephemeral pleasure as we often receive our results with disappointment at the end of the year.

As a responsible senior, I strongly encourage you (my juniors) to strive hard starting from today and dismiss any rumours that your first year is not important. Taking the 'A' levels is different from taking the 'O' levels. And that is what I have learnt. We may be able to study three weeks before the 'O' levels and still do well in it, but the same theory does not work for the 'A' levels at all.

Building a solid foundation is key. Failing to do so may cause you to play catching up for the rest of your J2 year.


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