The JC Light Bulb Joke Has Just Turned UGLY

Remember the JC Light Bulb Joke which never fails to amuse us? Well, the most recent adaptation of the joke has been scorned by netizens for improper and insensitive use of language. The writer himself admitted of stereotyping the respective Junior Colleges and even publicly invited anyone to challenge him.

Netizens are unhappy as the new and 'improved' joke contains elitist and supercilious remarks. They claim that it contains insulting comments directed at the college students. The joke has now become an insult. The humour has now turned into contempt. Quoted below is the modified joke. Do share with us your opinions.

If a light bulb in a class overburnt, what each Jc's students will do about it?

'RJC "hold on, i gonna calculate the volume of the bulb, n measure the distance to the nearest shop that sells light bulb n will slowly read d manual of fixing a light bulb" - they are bookworm who always go by the textbook.

'ACJC "OH I WILL HIRE A PROFFESIONALS to fix it but will owe 1st" - they are kids who like to act rich, n borrow money.

'TPJC' " "Oh icic..." - they dont even care, they are cool and have the hackcare attitudes. So what if it is overbunt?. skip class lahh.. many hot guys n gals were from this jc though, 2 ms universe were from here.

'NYJC' "walaoeh, wei shen me zhi yang de? i will ask the china to import the bulb here" - they are the nerds, who likes to speak mandarin in schools, n are not sociable creatures.

'SAJC' "OH GET THE gals to do it, and i will turn on the fan k.." - the school gal skirts are to short that make them look like they are from geylang. n guys in majority wears specs there.

'SRJC' " huh? what is light bulb ah? oh that one ah, okok icic, so how to fix it ah? where to buy?" - simply there are to many above 20 pointers here n many have failed english, acepted base on conditional terms, stupid!!

'MJC' "WAH its ok still got sunlight, dun use light bulb, save electricity, btw its freakin far to buy a new bulb" - they are out of the world, ruled by ex tkss principal, esther, stingy n strict. the location of campus sux to the core

'CJC' n HCJC "its good its good, SO we can make love more hot hot in the dark. hehe, we gona raise the pregnancy rate in spore, n get baby bonus." - simply they are horny students there.

YJC " WAIT wait is there such a jc? i never heard of it!"

The original version of the joke can be found HERE.


Anonymous said...

Think this also can...
"TPJC" "Blessings for a good day" - they don't even care, they can tahan the principal's long speech almost everyday. Aiya, the worse can tahan already, light, have or not can one la...

Anonymous said...

the modified one is just rude, disrespectful and totally nonsense. It's no longer a joke when it isnt funny.

hanjie said...

the tpjc w alot of hot guys n gals nt really true thou...lol.

haha ya. quite a rude joke. alot of incorrect facts abt e ppl from e jcs...

n still got a lot of jcs mia eg jj, nj, vj, aj, ij, pj etc...

azhar said...

@anonymous[1]: LOL. Haha.

@anonymous[2]: Yup, agreed.

@hanjie: Yes, he missed out a few JCs. No ideas for them I guess.

Anonymous said...

at least he recognised tpjc as a babe and hunk producing college.hahaha.

>.< said...

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