What?! I Am Posted To TPJC?!

Posting results are out and the local blogosphere is bustling with comments and reactions by fellow bloggers. Some are ecstatic with the result while the others seem dispirited by the news. We manage to get a scoop of the reaction by bloggers who are posted to Tampines Junior College. Take a look at some of the funny, hysterical and yet depressing moments here...

When i checked my inbox i've got like 4 messages.
I opened the weird numbers, 74688, first.
It's kinda expected that i'll end up in TPJC.
[I always ended up in my 3rd choice..]
So i didnt feel happy or sad when i read it.
I just didnt quite like the last part.
Pl report to JC/MI on 2 Feb 09 at 7.30am.
So fast so fast.
And whats up with the caps for the name man.
Makes it so scary.
Thank God i didnt receive something like this...
MOE: TAN QIAN NING, you have nowhere to go to. Pls continue sleeping.
Omg, i think i will faint.


I did not sleep for the whole night not because I emo but because i can't sleep. And today, after getting the result, i slept for a good 9 hours. Fine, so be it. Tpjc isn't bad either. I was considering the idea of appealing. But ya, what Gillian said make sense. "If they didn't accept you at the first place, what makes you think they will aceept you this time round?"
Well, what's done cannot be undone. I only hope that I don't have to go into the same class as people I dislike. I am now trying very hard to like my future school and I believe that I'm coping well. Let me think of some good points.... At least now I do not have to worry about myself failing GP and get retained by the school and I think my converse shoe match with the tpjc school U better. OH YEA, then I don't have to dye my hair black. HEHHEHHEHEEE. Actually tpjc also not bad la:,> small and cozy!!
Congratulations to Joel Toh and CK && Marissa {Meridian}
and Shien{TPJC.YAY YOU CAN WALK TO SCHOOL.-.-? but you have to meet me at jc busstop still, as usual ;>}


got my posting and stuffs..
got into TPJC..
was sort of expected..
but still dun quite like the idea of going to TPJC..

wad to do..?
was kind of upset coz i need to wear a green uniform..

looks like i m going to wear a green uniform..
but it is not tt bad lar..
it is just tt..
all my friends going there is taking science..
instead of arts..
so sianz lor..


AAAHHHHH! I put my first choice as TPJC Arts and 2nd choice as TPJC Science.

In the end I got the Science stream!!!!! Like What the????

Then i went to the website and found out the cut-off for Arts this year is 12 and Science 13…. Actually quite happy that even though I put Science as 2nd choice I still could get into TPJC. But like wth??? Arts stream cut-off lower then Science? Biggest joke of the century man! Plus my chem like got C6 and BIO got B3 -.-


I got into.....tpjc

Now, i have to make stressful decisions again
Should i appeal?
If I do, will i be able to handle it?
People have been telling me, "Its not about the sch, its about yourself..."
It's true, cause east spring sec also produced brilliant students right?
But.. then again a lot people say tpjc damn slack
MJ is stressful bt quite confirm all will pass their Alvls.
If tpjc slack, then project work how?


SHOULD I APPEAL????????????????


i grab my towel, got up to go to the toilet.
and then.......
i ran back to my bed where my phone is,re-read one message.
''OMG. TPJC!!!!''
i literally did jump up and down at that time.
and then big momma got all excited because, the usual 5 awesome pple alsp got into TPJC!!
im sooooo happy.
because hanan,husni,BM and my dear boyfriend also got into the same school.
cool laaaa.
and then hanan and husni called me to tell that they're on their way to go buy the uniform.
at serangoon or something.
funny sia. so semangat for what.
we're supposed to report with old sch uniform.
and despite being on the phone, hanan still can't stop irritating me.
well i guess, now we'll have more opportunity to kill one another okay hanan.



J2 said...

"OH YEA, then I don't have to dye my hair black. HEHHEHHEHEEE. Actually tpjc also not bad la:,> "

Oh wait till she/he finds out about our supercool superfrequent spot checks!!!

Anonymous said...

omg this reminded me of my first day of school when i was in J1. almost 3/4 of my freaking OG were complaining about tpjc and how they were going/trying to appeal out. by the time it was the 2nd orientation day, half were gone. hahaha wth.


ZIZIE said...

EHHH our PW where got slack.. i have to stayback and consult until over 7pm on aloooot of days sia when it was my time hurr.

my teacher damn hiong, damn gerek, damn good! MR CHEW KIA KHANG.

Anonymous said...

Tpjc not bad la and it's not as slack as it is rumored to be. & for year 2008, 100 plus people got retained and only 16 or 17 people over 60 ( i forgot the statics) passed the advancement test. So, it's not as you said "don't worry to get being retained".

Anonymous said...

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