'A' Level Results: Nervous Yet?

Written by azhar.

The Ministry Of Education had just made a press release on the date of issue for the 2008 GCE A-Level Examination Results. It is now confirmed that the judgement day will fall on 6th March 2009, which is this coming Friday. We can obtain our results from college starting from 2.30pm onwards.

I believe these coming five days will be a nerve-racking experience for us. Some of us may be experiencing sleepless nights, while others like me may undergo lapses of concentration now and then as we are left counting the number of days left before the moment of truth arrives.

This reminds me of the day when our O-Level results were released three years ago, except in this case it is much more daunting. We all know the importance of getting a good A-Level certificate. Most importantly, we all understand the consequences of getting a poor A-Level results slip. I, of course, hope that we can all achieve great results but at the same time pray that the rest who did not do as well will have the courage and strength to accept the bitter truth, move on and possibly try again this year.

Till then, see you there!


alan said...

3 years ago you got your O lvls? not 2 years meh?

hanije said...

some ppl studied 3 yrs of jc...

azhar said...

Haha. 2-3 years ok? Now we are all happy.

♥ said...

good luck! :D

have the strength to accept the things that cannot change; courage to change the things that you can; and wisdom to know the difference.

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