A Bit Too Heartless?

Written by azhar.

A Chinese woman has created headlines in the online community and blogosphere recently when her impudent behaviour towards the Sichuan earthquake was caught on tape and duplicated all over video sharing websites such as Youtube.com. The 21-year-old woman, Gao Qianhui, fired rude and heartless remarks at the victims of the disaster.

The culprit was reportedly angry following a temporary cessation of all online entertainment and games to mark respect for those who were killed in the earthquake. The video had stirred criticisms in the online community as they were appalled by the woman's total lack of sympathy to the casualties.

I am not sure what law she has broken, but I would love to express my disgust towards such behaviour.

I have included a video, including the translation, below.

Warning: The video and/or the translation may contain offensive language.

"I turn on the TV and what do I see? Dead bodies, injured people, corpses, rotten bodies, all the crazy acts you guys are putting up. It's not that I want to watch these things. I have no choice. Look, now the entire internet is black-and-white and without colour. Do you think we're all colourblind like you? Have your eyes been hit by so much rubble you can't see any colour now?

"Sigh... all you guys... if you're hit by the rubble just go suffer by yourself quietly... What are you screaming for? What rescue are you asking for? Not that I'm blaming you... you guys in Sichuan are in a terrible position in China. They say the Indian plate is moving in crashing into you guys. Don't you think you guys deserve it?

"I think this earthquake was not strong enough. If only it had just been a bit stronger to flip you guys over. Today we're mourning for you. Tomorrow we're donating money to you, huh? May 21 is such a great day. Lots of people trying to get married this year. And now we have to mourn for you. Do you think those couples should get married or not? What a spoilsport. May 20, May 21, such auspicious days, now all spent mourning for you. Come on, how many of you guys are dead? Just a few, is it not? We've got so many people in China anyway.

"F*ck... You're annoying everyone to death... What tricks are you guys playing! Do you think you're all very goodlooking? Which part of your body is that precious? People are giving you cash and giving you food. And you guys are now doing nothing? Sigh... these few days, it's just impossible to go anywhere without getting reminded of you silly c*nts... Everywhere I go people are saying 'Argh, there are aftershocks in Sichuan again, this and that'...

"As for that old lady who's been lying over there for over 100 hours? Why haven't you died yet? You trying to play the mummy?

"F*ck... the earthquake might as well rock all you guys to death... All you have given us are catastrophes... all your children are jinxes... (more)

Source: http://youtube.com/watch?v=OkemgmBPZR0


Anonymous said...

its not a bit too heartless but very heartless indeed.
how insensitive can some ppl get? tsk.

-a tpjc-ian

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