The Nude Trend

Written by azhar.

We teenagers know that this is the period of our lives where hormones and curiosity controls the mind and body, diminishing our judgment. Moreover, in this modern age, technology seems to act like a catalyst for us to satisfy our lust for the new and naughty. Nonetheless, the ramifications of the whole new experience are causing teenagers to face the peril of crime and punishment.

Teenagers are developing a new habit - taking nude pictures of themselves using their camera phones. They do so for a few main reasons. One of them is just for the fun of it. They will take naked shots of themselves and trade between their friends back and forth. Another popular reason is to impress their boyfriends. In La Crosse, Wisconsin, a 17-year-old boy was charged with child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child and defamation for allegedly uploading nude photos of his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend on his MySpace profile page. This is just one of the many nude exhibitions circulating the Internet.

Adults are appalled by this trend. They are shocked at the naivety shown by the teenagers – has it ever occurred to them that their naked pictures will be spread and possibly sold everywhere? One Sheriff, Sgt. Mark Yehle, thinks he knows why the nude photos are now available almost everywhere in the Internet. He said, "I think they just do it to impress their boyfriends. When he breaks up, he `vents,' in his words, by posting them. He apparently didn't think there was anything wrong with it. He didn't know it was illegal."

Another teenage netizen, Brianna Moran, revealed that it is a common trend among MySpace users to upload naked pictures of themselves. At this age, teenagers are always curious of the fun element in showcasing their bare bodies and sharing them in the online community. A good place to start is of course the popular social networking websites as it allows the public to view, share comments and event get into a private conversation with the ‘naked stars’. After all, who does not enjoy popularity at such an early age?

However, what the teenagers don’t seem to realize is that while it is easy to upload and share the pictures, it is also easy to steal or spread it to the rest of the world. In New York, several teenage girls sent their naked photos to their boyfriends, only to realize that another boy was collecting them from the websites and compiling them in a DVD before attempting to sell copies of it. Anyone can grab photos from a personal page when he or she is accepted as a friend. The problem is that it is difficult to distinguish whether that person is really your friend or otherwise in the Internet.

This disturbing trend can really damage a person’s future. High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens described her nude photo scandal as "traumatic". The incident happened when a picture of her posing nude in a hotel room was leaked on to the Internet. Connecticut police Sgt. Jim Smith, who investigates cybercrime and online child pornography, said, "They might think it's just fun and games at the time they do it, but these images can really spread like wildfire." The Internet has almost limitless boundaries. You can share a photo from one region of the world to another. Although, the authorities has managed to stop some of the illegal online activities from continuing, we will never how far one naked photo can go.

Will you send a nude photo of yourself to your boyfriend?


Anonymous said...


If contributing to this e-mag is your way of showcasing and developing your writing skill, I am pleased to extend my commendations. If that isn't your intention, I guess practising for gp is as practical a reason as any to contribute anyway.

Do bear in mind a few pointers when you write:

- Abstruse vocabulary is all and well as long as it is used sparsely, appropriately and most importantly, within context.
The word 'denouement' is seldom used outside of literature or in the narration of a series of intricate affairs. The sentence would sound a lot less awkward if you used 'ramifications' or any equivalent. Moreover, I'm pretty sure you want to emphasize the consequences and not merely the conclusion (which is what denouement really means) of camwhoring. Use the right word at the right time.

- Phrasing. The luxury of time is yours to savour outside of an exam; use it well.

"Teenagers nowadays are developing a new habit-" is what I like to term Singaporean synthesis, or layman terms, crappy phrasing. Either move nowadays to the back
or scrap it. I prefer the latter.

Adding a dash or colon instead of
"and that is..." would also be a heck of a lot better.

Another concern is being excessively paraphrastic: using and changing too many words where a few would suffice. Example, compare:

"Moreover, in this modern age, technology seems to act like a catalyst for us to satisfy our desires to try new and sometimes mischievous things"


"Modern technology is the catalyst that allows us to satisfy our lust for the new and naughty."

Oh, and always try to replace the word "things". What thing?

Now figure out how these sentences could be better phrased:

"This disturbing trend, if not stopped, can really damage a person’s future."

"We teenagers know that this is the period of our lives where hormones and curiosity controls the mind and body, diminishing our judgmental abilities"

Btw there is no "judgemental abilities" - just judgement. Likewise, there is no such word as "irrespective". Students who coin new words are hilarious, but no cookies for being funny in an exam.

- Punctuation. A significant amount of people tend to add commas that shouldn't exist.

"High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, described her nude photo scandal as "traumatic"

Why is there a need for a comma? If there's one common mistake that I'd like to point out, it is that names do not necessarily need to be followed by commas.

Also, learn to use the semicolon. It is occasionally ambiguous when it should be used but there is no denying that a duo (or more)of unconnected points within a sentence could use one. Too many commas and "ands" make for poor sentence flow. A general rule of the thumb is NOT to trail a semicolon with "and"; AND so watch out for THESE KIND OF ERRORS!

- Read it out. My last point is self-explanatory. I can correct mistakes by simply looking (as you can see) but if you cannot, whisper it aloud. If it doesn't sound right, do something about it.

Most so-called top essays I've read are still bogged down by poor phrasing and flow.

I enjoyed your articles, and I hope you can make the next even more so.
After all, the onus is on the writer to keep improving.

Feel free to forward or re-post this comment to any tpjc teacher or in any tpjc forum you please. We don't want other colleges learning from us now, do we?

Keep cool and best of luck!

- Mysterious ex-tpjc student

azhar said...


Thank you so much for all the advice. I will develop into a post in the online magazine.

I sure am improving.

Please...please don't stop commenting. = ) I love to listen and learn from feedbacks. The others can learn too.

The changes have been made.

Thanks again!


azhar said...

develop the points*

4Casanovas said...

Dear ex-tpjc student,

Thank you for accurately pointing out the finer points on using the English language.

However, I would like to point out that the word 'irrespective' is indeed the correct word to use. I believe you may have meant the word 'irregardless',which is an incorrect interpretation of 'regardless'.

Ng Ding Jie

p.s: Hey Azhar, I would like to point out that the plural form of 'feedback' is just that- 'feedback'. You are indeed improving with each article. Keep it up:)

Anonymous said...

my bad you are right i meant irregardless not irrespective

was fuckin stoned

if you dont have firefox dictionary installed you should use it

im kind of bad at spelling

ex-tpjc student

azhar said...

Thank you all.

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