Firefox 3 Downloads Reached The 8 Million Figure in 24 hours

Written by azhar.

It was a sweet success for Mozilla's newest product, Firefox 3, as it surpassed its original target of 5 million software downloads and reached the auspicious 8 million figure. The Firefox Download Day was orchestrated and aimed to create a new Guinness World Record as the most number of software downloaded in 24 hours. Mozilla is currently waiting for the Guinness World Record officials to review the World Record attempt.

Firefox 3 promises better security, blinding speed and cool new features. Firefox 3 includes phishing and malware protection, plus a new instant site ID info to further enhance its security. Previous versions of Firefox have been notorious for their sluggish performance after a few hours of surfing. The improved Firefox 3 has solved this problem and its new features such as the session restore make it possible for a more efficient web browsing experience. Moreover, Firefox 3 has also set the innovation bar high with its exciting new features such as the one-click bookmarking.

As for the official entry into the Guinness World Records, the server logs and download information will be given to an independent review board which will then conduct a thorough audit, removing any duplicate and incomplete downloads before determining an exact number. The Firefox Download Day which began on 18th June (Singapore time) has been one of Mozilla's most creative and successful marketing strategies to date. Affiliate buttons are also available in the Download page to allow Firefox evangelists to spread the word about the historic event.

I personally love the new Firefox 3 software and hope that more cool updates or add-ons will be made available soon. Have you downloaded Firefox 3? If you have, do share with me what you think about it. If not, you can download it HERE for free!


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