Facebook Triumphs Over MySpace

Written by azhar.

Social network giant, Facebook, had just beaten its biggest rival, MySpace, as the most popular social networking website in the the world. MySpace entered the social networking first in late 2003, followed by Facebook in early 2004. Both websites have been competing with each other ever since they were introduced to the online community. Although MySpace is more appealing to thousands of bands or musicians who wanted to make it big, Facebook seems to be more attractive to any normal netizen out there who enjoy playing around with its variety of applications.

Facebook has managed to catch up with MySpace in April 2008 and looks promising to keep up with the performance, if not overtake its rival in terms of uniques worldwide monthly visitors. Both websites are attracting an enormous amount of 115 million visitors respectively every month. Although MySpace is much more popular than Facebook in the USA market, the latter seems to be the honey for online ants in other parts of the world.

Take a look at the data below (provided by Comscore):

I noticed my friends tend to connect with me online via Facebook or Friendster, besides MSN. Do you know why MySpace somehow seems to be less appealing to the Asian online community?


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