Buy A Corpse For Only S$95,000

Written by azhar.

Gunther Von Hagens, the controversial German doctor who invented the technique of preserving corpses, has set up an online shop selling corpses. The plastinated bodies will be sold at a price range around £45,000 (about S$95,000).

Before the enterprise was set up, Dr Von Hagens was already selling the plastinated organs to universities for teaching purposes. Now, private consumers are able to purchase the slices preserved organs too. Each cross-section down the length of the body will cost £9,000, while a cross-section across the body will be priced at £200, or £1,200 for a 16-slice set.

Nonetheless, only 20% of the the preserved bodies will be made available for commercial use as the donors who allowed Dr Von Hagens to conduct his experiments had made an agreement that their dead bodies could only be used for scientific progress. Dr Von Hagens used his plastination technique to view organs after removing the skin.

Millions of people have witnessed his work through the "Body Worlds" exhibitions, which show preserved human specimens in a variety of poses, in cities across Asia, Europe and North America over the last 10 years.

Do you think its ethical to sell preserved body parts for commercial purposes?


Agnes Tan said...

only 95k? that is a lot already.. i am sure many ppl willing to sell to get that 95k.

Anonymous said...

well thats if the money goes to the donor's family! lol.
I doubt so though, considering the fact that they help you to preserve the bodies and stuff. hahaha.
Its good money for the donor's family though!

berlin :)

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