Is Our Student Forum Underused?

Written by Aw Jia Hao Willie (08S06).

Our forum is equipped with the basic and sophisticated functions which may not be available in forums elsewhere. What we lack however, is the vibrant community where everyone can share their opinions freely in the forum. Our forum is thus being underused. Now, the majority of TPJC forum regulars are just reading threads. We need them to come out and volunteer their views and comments.

For example, those who are good in art or photoshop can help out in setting up signature stands in the respective sub-forums. It would be a good chance for them to hone their photoshop/mspaint skills. This in turn will allow forum regulars to have their very own cool and customized signatures.

The report function in our forum is abused too easily. I feel that this function should be disabled first as threads created by newbies are easily shot down by the veterans there. We should try to promote a cohesive community where we all help one another out, post suggestive comments with the occasional smart remarks.

The post count function should also be disabled as it is not a well representation of how well we post, rather on how much we spam. The reputation function, which has not been included for obvious abuse reasons can be given by the would-be student forum moderators, giving credit to contributors who truly deserve it.

TPJC should also try promoting the forum as it is a good place to chill, to read up on recent news that concerns us and to comment on any college issues. As the forum slowly opens up, it will no doubt be one of the next big thing where all TPJCians would be talking about in college. Our forum has no doubt great potential. It just lack belonging and popularity.


Anonymous said...

might as well remove the Student Forum.

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