Is Our TPJC EconBlog08 Dead?

Most likely. TPJC's very own Economics blog, TPJC EconBlog08, which features news articles and posts by JC2 Alpha students has been inactive for more than three months. It was last updated in May. It seems the the commitment put in for the blog has drained, ceteris paribus.

It is not known what really happened to it. However, if you ask me what may cause its early death, then my finger points at the low interest shown by TPJCians. I think TPJCians are more interested to participate in our online forum than to read the blog. It may not be the student's fault though, as it is the owner's duty to update the blog with interesting articles that appeals to TPJCians in general.


The contributors should also take the blame for the blog's failure to stay alive. Perhaps, the passion to further develop or expand the blog is not there (most probably due to low readership). It could also be due to the contributors' busy schedule. The latter, to me, is a weak excuse as they could have attempted to update it at least once or twice per month.

The Economics blog is not the only birth child of the college Economics Department - Coffee Shop Econs Talk is another initiative introduced by them to make learning Economics fun. Coffee Shop Econs Talk is a free newsletter produced by the JC2 Alpha students. So far, they have only managed to produce one issue of the newsletter.

Are TPJCians less interested in such innovative study resources?


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