What I Really Think Of The JC1 Promotional Examinations

Written by Guest Blogger.

The Promotional examinations had ended two weeks ago. While TPJCians are either celebrating their good results or worrying whether they get promoted to JC2 next year, other colleges such as Meridian Junior College (MJC) are just starting their Promos this week. The question arises, why start that early for us?

In my opinion, it may be good to start the Promos earlier. One simple argument is that we may have fewer topics to study for the exams. However, this is not always true because students in different Junior Colleges (JCs) study different topics for their respective Promos.

It is a good idea to start the Promos right after the term break as the break will provide a solid week that can be spent on studying. A lot of things can be during the week, as in my case, I studied throughout the seven days and thus can afford to rest a little in the week of the exams. The much-needed rest is especially useful after the Economics and General Paper (GP) paper on Monday, where the day only ends at 3.30pm.

Observing your friends in other JCs - looking stressed and still studying hard for their ongoing Promos - make me think 'phew what a relief, I’ve completed my promos already!'

As for the promotional criteria, it was one H1 and two H2 passes, with all subjects getting at least 30%. We knew this from the beginning of the year, but now, news are spreading around the college, about whether there is a need to pass GP before promotion is guaranteed or whether Mathematics grades will be moderated and whether Mother Tongue can be taken as the one H1 pass needed for promotion.

I am not sure about them either, but if it is a change of the criteria by the college, it would be unfair as the Promos are already over. Worst of all, different teachers gave different criteria for promotion, making students confused.

Hopefully the college can give the student population the confirmed criteria as soon as possible. Good luck to everyone!


councillor said...

A very prompt and 'well-opinionated' review by Azhar. After talking to some people I found that some mother tongue teachers had given the go-ahead for students to use mother tongue as their H1 before the promos while now they are claiming that it cannot be used as a H1 subject. The 'new' criteria includes GP and a content-based H1 subject pass to be deemed mandatory for promotion. But i guess they are the school admin and we(the students) can do little to change this..I hope the sch admin can give the student body some reasons as to why this change was put into effect..was it because the promos were relatively easier than last year? we can only speculate till then..

councillor said...

Sorry, jus a little correction to my precious post..I realized the post wasn't written by Azhar so yea good job to whoever who wrote it. lol. thx.

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