No Post-Prom Party For JC2s This Year

This year's post-Prom party was 'crashed' even before it began. The head of Student Welfare department, Mr Ong Wee Hong, had announced to the JC2 students last Friday indicating that there will be no such events taking place on the 1st of December this year.

Details of the party were sent to the former JC2 councillors early this week via SMS. The message read:

"Hello class reps! Please please please help spread the word to your class that there will be a post prom part at Zouk after prom on the first of Dec. Pre-sales are going at 20 whereas ticket at the door is 25. Tickets are limited to 600 and tpjcians are allowed to bring their friends along(16 and above). Doors will be opened at 10 and the first 300 will receive a goodie bag. Every ticket is entitled to one free drink(alcoholic). There will be 2 house band performances. A booth will be set up in front of the council room for the sales of tickets. It will be open from 29th Sept to 10 Oct."
Nonetheless, it turned out that the event was not approved or endorsed by the college. TPJCians are also not encouraged to attend the party. The JC2 councillors have responded by retracting the original information from their fellow classmates.

It is not known who organized or sent details of the event. There are rumours that it was a councillor since the booth was to be set up in front of the council room. However, many former JC2 councillors told us that they had no idea who sent the message.

TPJC had a post-Prom party last year. The event took place at Phuture(Zouk) and attracted quite a number of students. According to a source from whosgoing.sg, the party drew more than 300 party goers. Now, that's a lot!

So please, if your class chairman had shared details of the event to you and you were not present last Friday, do remember that the party will not take place this coming December.

Anyway, below are the details for this year's Prom Night:

Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (Havelock Road)
Date: 1st December 2008
Time: Doors will probably open at 7pm or 730pm
Run Time: Approximately 4 Hours

See you there!


wee said...

actually, just because its not approved doesn't mean cannot have?

Anonymous said...

Well, my secondry school had a similar situation. The students wanted to organise a prom night for the graduating students. Unfortunatly, it got crashed too.

The reasons:
The organisers wanted to use the school name. They can't, they can get sued because the school committee didn't permit it. Secondly, even if they did use their own names, who would assume the responsibility of the students?

Anonymous said...

So why won't there be one this year if there was one last year? Was last year's approved?

Anonymous said...

whoever who sent the msg violated the school rule and legal regulations..(see alcohol) so it was bound to be cancelled.. a pity for the J2s though.

wee said...

if its not organized by the school, it can't be cancelled by the school. the school can discourage the attendance of a post prom, but they can't send the discipline comm to zouk and police the area to catch tpjcians. yes i agree that the school name could be out of bounds, but technically, they have no power to cancel it

wazzzup said...

well..still can have the post prom what.just don't put TPJC lah..but who the hell was the one who brought it up to the school?cos i think it's damn obvious that the school won't have the post prom thingy what.duhh.

haha call it "a school in Tampines post prom party" just don't put TPJC.

Anonymous said...

firstly, what the message meant was it is a 16 and above party. alcohol will only be given to those of legal age. of course, there are still other means to get them.
next, i heard that the organizers have changed the name of the event now.
i agree with wee.

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