TPJCian Magazine: August Round-Up

August has been a hectic month for me as I have to juggle my revision and work on this online magazine. I spent an average of about an hour daily just to update new posts and/or make sure everything is going smoothly as planned. I have used up nearly all my scheduled posts this month as I had to use a large chunk of time to revise my work for my Preliminary examinations. I am not sure if my effort is adequate though - Prelims was very tough.

There are two more scheduled posts left; the 'Biography of Shawn Wee' and 'A TPJCian's Trip To New York'. Both will be scheduled for release very soon, most probably end of September. The scheduled posts system is devised so that the blog continues to live on despite my busy schedule. I have used up more than 10 scheduled posts in August, therefore creating a record of 32 posts in a month.

It was a strategic move as I know and comprehend that the JC1s are very busy this September while the JC2s will make use of the entire October to revise their work. The readership will plunge for the next two months and I don't see a burning need to blog or publish the scheduled posts. After all, only half of the readership base is going to read it.

Besides that, August also opened the door to the Olympics. I expected TPJCians to spend time online checking on news or updates regarding the sporting event. Thus, I decided to update TPJCian Magazine and post the links in the forum as a net to catch the online flies. Furthermore, I bombarded the blog with more posts during and after the E-learning day. I anticipated heavy online activities during this time.

My expectations were spot on and this was the result:

I calculate my readership statistics strictly on unique visitors per month. As you can observe from the graph, traffic has surged from 2,459 to 3,945 unique visitors. This illustrates a 1,486 jump or a 60.4% increase in readership.

I would like to thank my readers and contributors for your support. All this is not possible without each and every one of you.

TPJCian Magazine will cool down during this month of September. I am going to spend more time revising my work in preparation for my 'A' levels. I will also be writing new scheduled posts for release in the month of December this year. That said, we are going to focus more on providing you with useful educational resources this month. There will be interactive 'LIVE' discussions every Saturday, most probably from 10pm onwards. The discussions are very useful for your General Paper as it develops content for your essay.

I welcome feedback from you. If you're interested to be a blogger or contributor for this online magazine, do send me an online message.

Oh ya, enjoy these videos:

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