10 Ways For TPJCians To Stay Awake During Class

Compiled by azhar.

We often struggle to keep our eyes open during lessons, especially the dry ones. Classes conducted in the late afternoon are the most badly affected. Tpjcians often try their best to stay awake during class, but at times the weight of the eyelids is just too heavy for the muscles to support. It will not take long before we find ourselves flying kites, fighting aliens or even making out in our dreams. Below are 10 ways to keep yourself awake during tutorials and lectures.

1. Eat healthy snacks
Eating a snack—especially carbohydrates and proteins—can help energize you. I liked taking a bag of healthy cereal like Cheerios to my very early or very late classes. I would eat the cereal one piece at a time—the carbohydrates plus the act of making myself take one at a time really helped me stay awake. If you need a burst of energy, try eating fruit like sliced apples or grapes instead of a candy bar. Junk food, obviously, is not a good option.

2. Drink water
Dehydration can really wipe you out, so bring a water bottle to class with you. Neither soda nor alcohol (which is very dehydrating) is a good substitute for water to keep your body hydrated.

3. Get interested in the lecture
A lot of your interest in a lecture is effected by your attitude. If you go in thinking it’s going to be boring, you’ll probably be bored. Even if you’re taking a required class, try to get interested in the lecture each day; it will help you stay alert. Try to learn at least three things you didn’t know, and tell someone about them after class. It might sound kind of lame, but it will help you stay awake and learn.

4. Singing in you head
If you are sitting in class completely bored, than try to sing a song you like in you head. You know those times when you get some song stuck in your head that you absolutely hate. Try to get a song stuck in you head, but make it one you like.

5. Take a break
Request permission from your teacher to go to the washroom. During the break, splash cold water onto your face to keep yourself fresh. Walk around school for a few minutes just to get your brain active again.

6. Tap you feet
This one does not have to be loud or obnoxious. Even if your class room has hard floors you can still do this without making too much noise. Keep the heels planted and tap the tips of you feel softly. Do this while singing a song in you head and you can stay happy.

7. Play with an object
Many teachers find it annoying if you are playing with something and not paying attention. So to pull this off were a light jacket or a hoodie. Basically anything that has pockets on the side will do. Just put you object in it and play away. The trick is you want to have something interesting. Coins and bottle caps are ok, but anything you can bend and manipulate is even better.

8. Bring a newspaper or magazine to class.
Reading interesting material, or doing the newspaper's daily puzzles can be helpful in staving off sleep. Unfortunately, newspapers make lots of noise, so have the puzzle you want to do ready if need be. On a side note, teachers don't really like it when you read newspapers in their class, so be sly about it. However, don't read the newspaper or magazine for the whole period! 5 minutes should be enough to get your mind active again.

9. Use technology!
In the age of modern technology, there are many different items that are small, hand-held or can be easily brought to class. Some materials that I have found helpful in keeping dreams at bay are laptops, and cell phones. However, just like newspapers, teachers tend to not like cell phones in class. Computers on the other hand seem to be perfectly fine. So if you are having trouble with a boring lecture, just start messaging a friend, or maybe look up something on your laptop.

10. Prepare for future lectures.
Reading ahead in the text could further your knowledge of the subject's material, and help you on the next quiz or test. This new material could be interesting enough to keep you awake until the end of the class period.

Do you have a tip for Tpjcians to keep themselves awake in class? Share with us by writing a comment above!



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