Ex-TPJCian Nominated In Ping.sg 2nd Anniversary Blog Awards

Written by azhar.

Mr Adam Zhang, a 01S06 alumni from TPJC, has received a total of three nominations for the Ping.sg 2nd Anniversary Blog Awards. Ping.sg is a community meta blog for Singapore bloggers. His blog is a nominee for the Best Photoblog, Most Insightful Post and Best Photo Post categories.

Below is a snippet from his post which is nominated in the Most Insightful Post category:

Like anywhere else in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University is following the trend to promote people bringing their own shopping bags.

According to an email sent to all students, each plastic bag will be charged for $0.10 in the week starting from 10 March 08 at all shops and markets in NTU.

First of all I doubt what is wrong with using plastic bags. In many other countries, littering and improper waste treatment of plastic bags are causing a lot of problems, and plastic bags hanging at the roadsides would literally become ‘National Flag’ at some places. But it’s very different in Singapore. Quoting the National Enviromental Agency website, “Our operations over the years have resulted in Singapore having one of the most efficiently operated refuse collection services in the region.” With 92.7% of total waste (including plastic bags) incinerated in 2007 and used to generate 3% of electricity in Singapore, I don’t see a strong relationship between saving plastic bags and saving the environment here.

Yes, I understand Singapore is targeting Zero Landfill and also to increase the Recycling Rate from the current 51% to 60% by 2012, but shouldn’t people focus on other issues such as waste sorting collection?

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Voting will close 6pm on Thursday, 17 July 2008. Winners will be announced on 19 July 2008 (Saturday) during the The Ping.sg 2nd Anniversary Party and Blog Awards II ceremony which will take place in Fig & Olive at Bencoolen Street. So what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW!


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