Late Night Study Is Back...Now With Food And Drinks!

The college administration had released details of the dinner set menus which will be available for TPJCians who choose to study till late in the library. This move was made following the college's decision to extend the library hours to 8.45pm on weekdays. Furthermore, students who wish to revise their work in the library during the duration of the time extension can purchase food coupons from the Good New Cafe. These coupons can be exchanged for sandwiches and drinks, from 5-6.30pm.


The school canteen operator, John Cafe, has also prolonged their operating hours to 8pm as of 22nd July 2008. The measure was taken to meet the rising demand of TPJCians studying late in school. In general, the new system has been well-received by the student population. A majority of them are satisfied with the price of the set menus, which are as follows:

Sandwich + Cold/Hot drink + Mentos ($2.00)
Lo Mai Kai + Cold/Hot drink + Kit Kat ($2.00)
Chicken Burger + Cold/Hot drink + Kit Kat ($2.30)
Hot Dog Bun + Cold/Hot drink + Mentos ($2.30)

Nevertheless, a few TPJCians pointed out that food and drinks should be allowed to be consumed in the library. They preferred to enjoy their meals while studying at the same time, but was denied rights to do so due to the rules and regulations in the library. Perhaps, there should be a corner for TPJCians to feel their stomachs?

I was informed that a few neighbourhood libraries such as the Sengkang Community Library opened mini-cafes in the library itself for the readers to patronize. Moreover, I was also notified that Temasek Junior College (TJC) has such facilities in its library too.

What do you think?


yeechien said...

Is it really well received by the students?

Anonymous said...

I think the writer is just generalizing.
Anyway, i don't think a mini-cafe in the lib is a good idea. Students will litter the area and it will be noisy. Just look at our classrooms. Unless tpjcians change, i think the idea is not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think eating and drinking while studying is a good idea.

Firstly, studies have shown that it is bad for digestion and besides, when you eat, drink and study at the same time, you are not focused!

Secondly, as highlighted in the previous comment, having food and drinks in the library can be a potential litter and noise problem. Classrooms are often littered with packaging left behind by students who brought food illegally into the classrooms.

Thirdly, having food and drinks in the library will also cause ventilation problems. The smell of food amy linger and the accumulation of that may not be desirable.

I say, have your breaks outside the library, get some good night air, relieve that stress before you return to have another go at the books.

Anonymous said...

my sec sch has a cafe in the library, no cases of littering by 13-16 year old student. so unless tpjcians are a bunch of 17-18 year olds who have no EQ, then perhaps the problem of littering may occur.

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