Structured Remedial Programs To Be Suspended For JC2s, Says Mr Bala

Mr Bala has made an unprecedented announcement to suspend all Structured Remedial Programs (SRPs) with effect from 31st July. The move was reportedly made to avoid students and teachers from suffering fatigue in college as the Preliminary examinations draw closer.

SRPs have been implemented to provide more time for the respective subject tutors and/or lecturers to teach additional study resources to their students. The aim of the program is to guide weaker Tpjcians in their studies so that they can improve and eventually do well in upcoming class tests and examinations. The sessions are usually held from 5-6pm. There are exceptional cases, for example the Economics SRPs, which starts from 6pm and end an hour later.

Nevertheless, consultation sessions are still encouraged, according to Mr Bala. The college has decided to perpetuate the private remedials so as to allow Tpjcians to clarify any uncertain concepts with their tutors. More quality time and attention can be given to the students, making it a more effective learning experience for them.

In my opinion, I believe the college has made a pragmatic move in its attempt to help Tpjcians do well in the upcoming Preliminary examinations, which is about two weeks from now. Firstly, the new measure is a plus point for students who have been consistently doing well in their work. Instead of squandering their time in college, they should be given ample time to revise their work at home.

As for the weaker students, more attention can be given to them as the lessons are now conducted with their own tutors. I believe having your own tutors to coach you is fundamental as they are the ones who know your strengths and weaknesses best. Having them to guide you until the 'A' levels will definitely ensure that your fullest potential is met.

Finally, the cessation of all SRPs will be beneficial to our hardworking teachers. They can have more time to prepare for future tutorial lessons, mark our test papers and even go through the specimen examination papers from other Junior Colleges (JCs). Overall, I think suspending the SRPs is a good move.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

we can make use of the late night study instead.

alevel said...

i dont think its a COMPLETE waste of the teachers' efforts preparing the notes and all. dont you think so???

alevel said...

sry. i mean i THINK* its a COMPLETE waste of the teachers' efforts preparing the notes and all. dont you think so???

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