TPJC College Road Run '08: Missing Out On The School Spirit?

Bad weather coerced the 23rd annual College Road Run to be postponed for an hour. The first event of the day (Competitive Boys Race) was commenced by our Guest-Of-Honour, Ms Evelyn Ng, at around 9.30am. The event was followed by the Competitive Girls and Staff Race before ending with a Recreational Run. Competitors covered a total of 3km in each category. This year's College Road Run which took place in East Coast Park offered medals for the top thirty positions in both the Competitive Girls and Boys events respectively.

It was raining, and so everyone took refuge at the Seafood Centre.

The Eagle house emerged victorious by clinching the Overall Champion House trophy this year. It was a memorable experience for Tpjcians as they cheered on their friends to the finish line. Participants for the competitive races tasted glory as they crossed the finish line, overcoming the rain which blurred their vision earlier during the day. Route marshals and first aid personnel were stationed at the turning point of the route to ensure that the race went smoothly. Our teachers were not left out and they showed their support by participating in the events too - competitive or recreational.

College Annual Road Run at East Coast Park on Wednesday. Haha we weren't competitors, but as Route Marshal. We stationed ourselves at the turning point, other than going crazy (as usual for my CG) and having fun among ourselves, we cheered for the competitors! :D

Earlier this week, Ms Helen Choo, encapsulated the whole event with a disappointed tone. She was disheartened by the attitude of a group of students who blatantly left the park before the whole event ended. Was it the bad weather which spoilt the mood of the Tpjcians?

So all the poor TPJC students had to wait till about 9.30am, before things finally got started. Nothing much happened cause plenty had already left by then, but hell the guys can run really fast! 3Km in about 11 mins!

There were also reports that the PE Department struggled to enrol Tpjcians to participate in the competitive events. Was it a case of apathy in the part of Tpjcians?

Few days later, a teacher in P.E department said it's compulsory for every class to have 3 girls taking part in the college road run- competitive. Maybe there was only one person who took part, and obviously that person can't be competing alone.

As for me, I was impressed that the thick black clouds and pelting raindrops did not enervate the runners at all. They displayed great athleticism and gave their best in their respective events. Their efforts should be recognized.

Photo credits to Neo Jun Yong Timothy (PhotoShare album)

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Anonymous said...

well,all i can say is that it is that the event may be taking too long,but quite a number of students cut through the race halfway,though,and it really makes some people feel like suckers who ran the 3km for nothing cause they are overtaken by some who did not even try the whole trip...

Anonymous said...

yeah..some didnt even finish the race. they stopped a few metres before the finishing line.

wee said...

you think that people really feel like suckers running the 3km?

its the people who take short cuts who are losers. you'll never get the feeling of enjoying the race and getting that adrenaline rush

student said...

true. agree with the comment above mine. lol.
i think the sound system not good. so can't hear really well.
thanks for the FREE milo.

xxx said...

eh i thot hawk was overall champion...???

anyways i did ran 3k. was fun. haha

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