WaterColours '08: TPJC Open House

Written by azhar.
Edited by DJ.

Being a youth is the best time for you to realize your fullest potential, both as a student and a responsible citizen. In Tampines Junior College (TPJC), the teachers provide full care to nurture you into a successful individual with a bright future ahead. TPJC has a committed group of teachers who will go the extra mile to make sure every day is fun and meaningful for you in college. The unique learning experience offered will enrich your mind with the best education available.

Photo credits to Mdm Wendy Lee (PhotoShare album).

Many students are drawn to TPJC as it provides a holistic education system, making sure every talent is recognized and not wasted. Contributions by outstanding athletes and performers are honoured with full esteem in front of the entire student population. Talent contests and sports tournaments are also prevalent in TPJC not only to sieve out the best talents in college, but also to allow Tpjcians to have fun in the midst of examinations and tests yet to come. Tpjcians are constantly encouraged to try out new things in their stay in college so that they can discover their hidden abilities.

Photo credits to Mr Nordin B Hassan (PhotoShare album).

TPJC is amongst the leading tertiary institutions in Singapore for its effort in preserving the natural environment. In the future, TPJC will play an integral role in preserving water since its adoption of the Tampines River. It was a proud moment for TPJC as it is now the front runner for water preservation in the eastern region. It showed that TPJC wants its students to excel in opportunities beyond just academics as the global community grows to become more eco-friendly. This level of excellence is mirrored in its effort to educate its students through trips to water recycling centres such as WaterHub and projects aimed to uncover innovative ways to promote awareness regarding water conservation.

If you wish to be part of the TPJC family, then do come along with your friends to experience the TPJC spirit - one that is unrivalled anywhere.


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