Our Security Guards Getting Stricter?

went back to tpjc with joan today to collect my SGC and A lvl cert. woah! the file they give super nice. how i wish i can get one for every graduation. i really hate going back to the sch. everytime i go back, nth good will happen. lyk today, normally, i only have to change 3 buses to get to sch. but today, i dunno what the heck happened, there's lyk no buses! so in the end, i changed 5 buses to go to sch. super expensive lah. the security has become stricter and i'm glad i brought along my a lvl cert that i received previously to gain entrance to the sch. if not, i'll hang myself there. LOLS! the sch has change quite a bit. we den had breakfast in sch, then we head off to sentosa.


there was once,after friday prayers i went into sch wearing slippers,the bald guard scolded me and asked for my ezlink card.i told him i had my shoes in my bag and would change on the spot,bt he told me to go out of sch and change..i was like,was he serious? then i changed on the spot and my friend waited for me.he told my friend to go away and whey must he wait for me? my friend was not wearing the collar badge,but was in full uniform.the guard asked,what school was he from..haha.i think we should all one day irritate the guard to the max (im joking,any attempt to do so is strictly at your own risk).haha.
Muhammad Rasikin B Abdul Samad


I'm sure there will be more to come. And with all this negativity surrounding this security guard, I think it's probably time for a review. I don't think the admin can see it because they have a higher authority than the security, and it's really up to the school to believe us.

I doubt we have anything to gain from making up stories. Yeah bascially that security guard, I don't have good experiences with him either. Once in a while he uses foul language and yes, he is egoistic. But that's probably just him, but I think he should learn to get a hold on himself since he's at work and he's an adult.
Cheot Yee Chien 07S26



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