Pay Singaporean Students To Do Well In Examinations?

US schools are experimenting a new system which provides cash incentives to students who do well in their examinations. The method is developed to motivate students and encourage them to complete their assignments and behave well in school. It has been well-received by students so far. The rewards program is currently limited for use in school - the money earned can only be used to purchase stationery or any other study materials from the school store.

In New York, about 5,500 students can earn money for getting good test scores. The program is open to fourth-graders, who can earn up to $250 a year, and seventh-graders, who can end the year with $500 in the bank.
Nevertheless, many experts question the effectiveness of the incentive program. They believe that the effect of such programs are only short-lived. Students will be less motivated to study when the funds for the rewards scheme begin to ebb away. Once private donations fail to match the rising demand for the monetary rewards given out to students, they will eventually lose the motivation to study hard.
He also said there is evidence that once a reward is taken away, people become even less motivated than they were before the experiment began. He said that is true regardless of the reward's value.
Schools in Singapore are also battling against each other in our competitive environment to produce excellent academic results. Every educational institution in this island wants to grab the best and brightest students into their schools. Schools are under pressure to boost students' achievements, laying out plans to help their students do well in national examinations. A school's reputation is always at stake when the results are announced.

Will paying Singaporean students to do well in examinations be a good idea for schools here to boost their academic achievements? Will it work in Singapore? What do you think?


Relax said...

LOL this reminds me of Freakonomics.

I have seen students being paid 1000 Euro a month to study, yet drop out. No, I am not kidding. So I think this sort of reward system won't work.

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