Another Win For TPJC Malay Cultural Society (MCS)

One of our Malay Cultural Society (MCS) members, Nurul Arini Bte Junaidi from 08S03, had emerged as the overall Champion for the Inter-College Poetry Recital competition (Peraduan Deklamasi Sajak). The theme for the competition was 'Colours Of Life'. It was organized in conjunction with the Malay Language Month (Bulan Bahasa) which was held from 27th June to 27th July this year.

When interviewed about the experience participating in the poetry recital competition, Nurul Arini replied:

As for sharing...well, I definitely felt nervous and anxious. It was my first time competiting solo but it all turned out well, though I was surprised I won Juara (First) as PJC seemed to be doing a good job with their expressions of their selected sajak. To make things worse, a well-known Malay poet (Muhd Latiff Muhd ) was there as a judge. I was aware of how mediocre my poem was compared to his (which won international Nobel prize). Yet I did perform my best and with utmost confidence and most importantly, BELIEF in my own poem. I did not have a mentality of MUST WIN MUST WIN...but rather a mentality of DO YOUR SCHOOL AND PEERS AND TEACHERS PROUD. (: It was good to know that as compared to other schools which chose award winning poems written by renowned malay poets, the poem which I wrote myself won. That was the most satisfying feeling i got.

Congratulations to Nurul Arini for not only for making the college proud, but also for her effort in writing her very own original poem. I read the poem and have to admit that it is a really insightful piece of written Malay traditional art. Below is the poem which was composed all by herself. I have chosen not to translate it to English to retain the real meaning behind the poem.

Wahai anak Melayu,

Yang berdarah merah mengalir ke hati,
Bak kali yang arusnya deras
Apakah kau pernah berfikir akan jati dirimu
Yang kau asyik ludahkan?

Wahai anak Melayu,

Yang dirinya sentiasa dicaci.
Bahkan sampah pun mengatakan dirinya berguna dan berbakti
Bahkan sampah pun berbangga walau sentiasa dipandang di kaki
Apakah pernah dirimu terasa bagaikan lebih kotor daipada sampah mu sendiri?

Wahai anak Melayu,
Yang tidak habis mengakui dirinya BUKAN
Tanya sesama sendiri jika mereka di luar sana
Mereka yang indahnya kuning
Indahnya putih
Indahnya coklat.
Mereka yang bangga menjadi diri
Menerima mu bagaikan kulit sendiri?

HAH bukan.

Wahai anak Melayu,

Begitu bergeliga minda dan hati mu untuk meninjau
Lautan yang sengit
Untuk bernakhoda air yang geram
Di mana kau tiada setandingnya.
Engkau juga bukan MEREKA

Wahai anak muda Melayu,

Betapa sanggupnya engkau menangkas dirimu itu.
Berpencak di arena diri,
Beradu dada dan bahu
Hanya untuk mencari suatu ganti

Wahai anak muda Melayu,

Lihatlah paras wajahmu,
Bertanyakan mata dan bibirmu
Kulit dan hitam rambutmu...

Adakah engkau Melayu?
Engkau Melayu?
Tidak mungkin engkau Melayu

Hinggakan soalan pudar dari lidahmu
Kerna engkua kelu,
Tidak terucap Bahasa mu - Bahasa Melayu.

Ataupun bahasa diam mu

Wahai anak muda,

Kini engkau bukan Melayu,
Apakah bangsa mu?

oleh : Nurul Arini Bte Junaidi

Nurul Arini (far left) in red with the other MCS members during a birthday party.


reader said...

nice poem. what inspired her to write it?

nurul arini said...


I was inspired when I attended Seminar belia. And i always wondered why we ourselves are so discriminating of our own identity.The negativity that we constantly relate ourselves to seem to have become the only thing that relates to MALAYS. So I I just ranted it all out through the poem.

shah said...

nice picture!!! woo! haha well done arini! good job. once again u've done TPJC MCS proud n MCS has done TPJC PROUD. let's rOck on! =)

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