Sex Change, A Photoshop Cyber Bully Favourite

I have covered a topic on cyber bullying earlier this year. In that post, I discussed why cyber bullying is more dangerous than physical bullying. I gave an example of how cyber bullies victimized their prey using social networking websites such as MySpace. They would pretend to befriend their victims at first, before throwing insults at them in a heinous attempt to smash their victims' confidence and self-esteem. To them, that is victory.

Being the cunning wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood is just one of a cyber bully's favourite malicious acts. Hidden in his sleeves is another tool that is fast becoming widespread in the Internet - the Photoshop. The (Adobe) Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed by Adobe Systems which allows its users to edit their pictures for their own personal or commercial use. The program is so famous that the word 'photoshop' is widely used to describe an action when one is modifying his or her pictures.

You can do almost anything with Photoshop - sharpen your nose, shape your body to look slimmer and even tone your skin. To a cyber bully, the features allow them to explore outside the box to drown their victims, including a 'sex change operation' for his victims. The Lasso tool effectively creates a boundary around the victim's face. Next, the dark artist will copy the face and paste it over a woman's. He completes the artwork with a few small adjustments so that everything looks real and perfect. There you go, sex change in less than 5 minutes. The end product usually ends up in the e-mail inbox of thousands of people or maybe even in the photo-sharing websites such as Photobucket. Imagine the humiliation.

Oh well, you get what I mean.


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