SuperPoke!ing And Your Real Life

I checked my e-mail inbox today and my eyes were fixated to an e-mail entitled, "You've been SuperPoked!‏". Apparently, my friend has 'given gold' to me. Being a good friend as I am, I decided to SuperPoke! back. It took me ten seconds to sign in my Facebook account, before I started to skim through the various available actions I can choose to SuperPoke! her back. It has to be unique; something that her other friends would never have thought of. After a painstaking three minutes or so, I decided to choose this:

Yes, I decided to name a sewage plant after her. How romantic can I be?

OK, that is besides the point. The objective of writing this post is to show to you guys how the Internet - or to be more precise, online social networking - allows us to do things which is not possible to be done in real life. You can't throw a sheep at your friend, can you? Do that, and the next thing you will find is headlines about you violating animal rights the next morning. And if that does not satisfy the sadism in you, you can 'drop a bomb' on your friend.

I have always wondered if Amnesty International or People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) will step up and launch another campaign against VIRTUAL violation of human and animal rights respectively. Well, a virtually naked U.S. Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard is not bad. I have always wondered if such organizations are getting worried that social network users, especially the impressionable youngsters may be influenced by the actions and perhaps even imitate them! It's just like how you watch kissing scenes over and over again throughout your teenage years. Soon, you get curious and want to know how it feels like to lock lips with your partner.

Well, it we explore the other side of the issue, SuperPoke!ing can serve as an alternative for people with brutal or violent behaviour. Ahhh...instead of body slamming your friend in college, you can now do it in the virtual world. I am fully aware that there are people who enjoy hitting their friends for fun, laughter and joy. Unfortunately, it's a dangerous sport. Well, Superpoke!ing can save those bruises all over the body. It is fun, too.

Moreover, I also believe SuperPoke!ing can -to a certain extent- improve your social relations. Instead of typing a message to inform your loved ones that you are all right during your overseas trip, you may choose to 'blow a kiss' at them. Your friends can reply back with a 'high five'. It's a fun virtual interaction between you and your social circle. A SuperPoke! feature which allows you to send the action to your friends is a bonus, as it saves time. If you are shy and wish to make new friends, being nice and sending the 'smile at' action to him or her may help you.

As for me, I hope my lovely friend smiles when she discovers that there is a sewage plant named after her.


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