Teachers' Day Concert: Reader's Review

Blogged by Goh Chong Han Wayne (08A04).
Edited by azhar.

I shall start with the student performers. All of them did well, let it be those accompanied with their guitars or the ones who shone with their vocals. One group even performed with a saxophone, clarinet and harmonica. It showed a variety of instruments and got the crowd interested initially. However, the level of interest seemed to deteriorate soon enough when the vocals entered - the song was sung in Chinese. Perhaps this is something the councillors can consider in the future, as it would perhaps be better if everyone could understand the lyrics. Nevertheless, it was evident that a lot of effort was put in for the performance.

In my opinion, the second performer, Fym, was the best student performer during the concert. She had the best voice and was the most original performer who sung (and played) her self-composed song. I thought it was a bit queer with how certain words were sung. Nonetheless, it was definitely a great rendition of the song and I think she deserves special mention. A group of students also delivered their own Teachers' Day version of a Westlife song which had the crowd burst into laughter. The other solo performer, Mark Chan, was not bad as well.

TPJCian Magazine interviewed Fym on how she felt performing on stage. Below is her verbatim reply:

Ermmm...feel on stage you mean? I was feeling a lil' excited actually, cos it's the first time i spent my teachers day in this way...hahah. but just felt that i need to express my gratitude to the teachers beyond just giving flowers and gifts like every other years before this. cos they've really sacrificed, alot, like staying in library & holding remedials till 8-9pm for us...without much complaints, yet we're the ones complaining...

The game show was probably the main attraction for the concert. The host did a terrific and professional job, pulling jokes out of his hat which had the crowd in giggles. The game was very well planned and the teachers who played were outgoing and helped enliven the event. However, I think the game show took a little too long maybe? The questions were interesting, and I learnt a thing or two during the course of the event.

As the councillors entered the hall with candles in their hands, some of us soon realized where our 50 cents went to. It took quite a long time for the candles to be given out to all the teachers while the councillors were singing and I soon found myself thinking whether such a gift was appropriate for Teachers' Day. I mean, what would they do with the candles? Pushing the assessments aside, I'm sure it's the thought that counts. Isn't that true? :)

When I looked behind, I was honestly very shocked at what I was seeing; students leaving the hall even before the concert ended. I felt a sense of sadness - not for me, but for the teachers who witnessed their very own students leaving on their special day while the concert was still on. It was truly a disappointment.

Nevertheless, it was a well executed concert and a very memorable one indeed. I give it a 3.5/5 stars.


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