Diagnosed As Cancer

A few months ago, my mother informed me that my friend has been diagnosed as having cancer. She could not hold back her tears and was literally mourning in front of me. I was motionless and speechless for a few seconds, struggling to absorb the piece of news into my brain. Pixels of my friend's image began to appear one by one, before a young innocent face finally took shape.

Despite suffering from cancer, my friend was adamant and wanted to sit for his 'A' level examinations this year. I was also notified that he still revised his work on his hospital bed. He repeatedly told his parents that he was ready for it and ignored any pleas from them to rest and concentrate on recovering instead.

My friend epitomizes the true meaning of will-power and the determination to succeed. I still can't imagine how he managed to study with all those tubes inserted all over his body. Blood tests became like a daily ritual. Doctors were trying to figure out what type of cancer was in his body, slowly consuming his healthy cells. The results was out after a few days of blood testing - he had a rare form of germ cancer.

Yesterday, his attenuated body lay in the operation room for twelve hours as a team of doctors and nurses led a war to remove the cancer cells. The enemy troops had conquered his heart and lungs, the doctor said. There was a huge blood loss. Germ cancer poisons the blood, therefore infecting his organs more readily. The heart suddenly became the guilty party; it was pumping the polluted blood throughout the body.

My brave friend is now in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His will-power and determination to live has enabled him to survive the war. Doctors are hoping that they have successfully removed all the germ cancer cells to prevent any future infections. His parents are praying that his strength would not condense in the upcoming few days. As for me, I will continue to believe that he will emerge victorious over the disease. And I know he will.

I hope this story somehow or another inspires you to work hard for your academic performance. Life is short and we must make use of every opportunity that is given to us now. Let's study hard for our 'A' levels and make our parents proud while they are still alive. Every parent wants to see his or her daughter successful. Most importantly, let's do it for ourselves and for our future. If my friend can do it, so can we.


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