Lets Make Babies!

Not now, of course. A dwindling reproduction rate was the top of the agenda for this year's National Day rally delivered by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. In his speech, he pointed out and urged singles to find a soul mate, get married and -you guessed it- deliver babies.

I remembered reading the newspaper about the latest effort by the government to teach Junior College students how to be involved in a healthy relationship. The objective is not to educate the tertiary students about sex; it serves as a workshop to improve understanding among the partners of the opposite sex. Interesting move, I must say.

It is good to start a relationship when we are still young, so that teenagers can gain the experience and perhaps be better companions in the future. In fact if we look at the wider picture, this measure may be helpful in shaping our culture in the future. Now, the young is immersed in a materialistic world. We study hard, get a degree and apply for a high-pay job to satisfy our lust for the latest gadgets, fashion and many more. Marriage is no longer the bull's-eye young people are aiming for. The birth rate is going south.

Things have changed now. That is what our parents always remind us. As much as I try to disagree, what they claim is indeed true. As more and more Singaporeans become educated, the island is filled with more career-minded people. Success in life to them is wealth, a car, a huge house, you name it. Remember the quote which says, 'My car is my girlfriend.' in the movies? The past was very much different - having a happy family with a beautiful wife and children was everyone's dreams.

If Singaporeans are taught about the value of relationships early, then we may heading to a new direction. The mentality of the future generation will change. Life will be no longer be about having a top career to raise one's affluence but about having a stable occupation to raise a family. Happiness is no longer defined as owning expensive (or trivial) things that we desire, but as having a more closer and intimate relationship with your family. The young will no longer think that having a baby means a huge pie of income forgone as a result of the expenditure when bringing up their newborns. Instead, having offspring means a blessing to them - observing how their babies grow over the years under their care is a priceless experience for them.

After writing all these, I guess I will have to work hard to overcome the first hurdle, my 'A' level examinations. After serving National Service, get into a university, hook up one lovely girl and graduate with a degree. Next, get a good job and date for another year or so to accumulate income for the grand wedding. After all that is accomplished, I can enjoy the first night finally. I aim to have 2 children, one girl and one boy. Ahh...what a dream.

*wakes up*
Oh no, I have yet to cover Vectors for my Maths paper next week! Hehe.


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