A Nude Beach In Singapore?

Nude beaches, also known as clothing-optional beaches, are common in European countries especially in Norway and Denmark. One of the earliest nude beaches made was the Montalivet Beach, located in France. Built in the 1950s, the beach offers a tranquil environment for naturists all over the world. In Montalivet, nudism is accepted as part of the community's culture; it is also practiced in the micro level among family members there.

Clothing-optional beaches are isolated from the non-nude areas to accommodate to people who are gymnophobia (fear of nudity) and to respect tourists who are not used to the cultural movement. There are many reasons why people visit nude beaches - pleasure from being nude, enjoyment from viewing the nude bodies and even health.

The nude phenomenon is not popular in Asia yet, but its influence is growing. This is due to the rising naturist action movements all over the world who believe in the concept and philosophy of returning back to nature and human equality. The culture is largely intertwined with the Western form of liberalization which grants complete freedom of the mind, body and soul. With the aid of globalization, the clothing-optional beaches can now be found in Asia such as in Philippines, Thailand and even India! The latest addition to the list is located in Sanya, China.

As Singapore continue to globalize at a fast rate, foreign ideas are getting infused in our conventional Asian culture and values. The construction of the Integrated Resorts which will stage casino games showed how Singapore had to circumvent Asian values to remain competitive and attract tourism in the island.

The issue was much debated in Singapore as citizens disapproved of the idea due to moral and social reasons. Nevertheless, on the other side of the table, another group of people supported the construction of the Integrated Resorts, citing economic benefits as the main reason for their stance. This group also argued that it is up to the individual to decide if he or she wants to step in the casinos at the first place.

If what the 'for group' said is true, then a nude beach in Singapore may be the next thing the government may want to develop in the future. The clothing-optional beaches will be a strong tourist attraction for Singapore. Foreigners visiting our beaches need not worry of being nude in the public, something considered normal in their native countries. As long as the nude beach is segregated from the non-nude areas, no 'harm' is inflicted to the public. Singaporeans have a choice to visit them, depending on their individual beliefs.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Oh... There is no need for nude beaches in Singapore... You can if you want but you have to sign up for "holiday resort package in one day"
Things to bring...
-$$$ only and nothing...

Day 1:
-Go nude at ECP...
choice of activity: nude skiing, nude jetski, nude wakeborading...
-Free escort and free ride to the nearest police station...

Anonymous said...

i think the writer is just trying to compare the casino and nude beach, to show how the sunnypore govt gives up our values to pursue more wealth for the future.

like the casino, abt gambling. but still have to built for money. and increase jobs...

same goes for nude beach, abt nudity and openness. but still have to built for money.

so if casino can, nude beach also CAN!

oOFooi said...

haha~~ There is no need for such proposal ar.. :)
This is so immoral la..

azhar said...

Aha. I am not proposing a nude beach. Haha. Never. Well, at least for me.

The majority of the Singaporeans did not propose the construction of a casino either. Most of us know it can do harm to our traditional Asian values, especially in a multi-racial country like Singapore with Muslims, etc.

Casinos are very popular and the demand for it is high.That prompted the government to set up the IRs, although many objected to the idea.

So if the popularity of nude beaches starts to climb, will we have a nude beach too?

After all, both fall under the tourism industry.

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