Amy And Archie In A Relationship?

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Note: The story below is fictional. No harm is intended.

Amy and Archie have been trying to keep their relationship private, but it's all revealed now. In July, the couple got matching paintbrushes. Yesterday, the couple was spotted at a hotel in Tampines. Several witnesses say they were having intimate moments together in the swimming poll there. Nevertheless, Archie has denied the rumour and said that they were 'just friends'. Amy, on the other hand, could not be contacted. The college celebrities last made an appearance during the college open house in July.

Rihanna and Chris Brown having been trying to keep their relationship a secret, but it’s all out in the open now. In January the couple got matching neck tattoos. Yesterday, the couple were at the Hilton Kingston Hotel in Jamaica. A Witness said Chris and Rihanna were making out, kissing, and fondling each other a lot.

Sometimes I wonder how the stars of today are coping with the extensive media attention surrounding them. The paparazzi are everywhere. Is it a breach of privacy? If you ask me, my answer both Yes and No. Yes, because the reporters are not providing enough space for their own private time. No, because sometimes I feel the artistes themselves are also 'playing' with the media, taking advantage of the widespread coverage. The constant denials over an obvious fact or truth (like the one above) may be intentionally made to create suspense and develop more curiosity among fans or music lovers. Well, instead of admitting and ending the rumours fast, why not get your pictures published in tabloids for a longer period of time? You can sell more albums.


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