New TPJC Public Website Launched: Here's The Review

Some of you may realize that I have written an article on TPJCian Times regarding our college's ageing public website. In the article, I lamented about the website's poor layout (worse for Firefox users), obsolete text fonts (for main banner) and poor colour combination. Well, good news - the college IT department has responded. And I think they did a commendable job. Here's the review:

Improved website compatibility
I was actually looking forward for this. The previous website was not compatible for Firefox users. Many students have complained that the layout was completely out of place. You can view lines arranged haphazardly for some pages. A JC1 Tpjcian, Cheng Jia Ying (08A04), expressed her concerns regarding this issue saying, 'oh oh and the site is absolutely out of place in mozzy!'

Fret no more, as the new revamped website is now suitable for both Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox users. In short, it is more user-friendly.



Better Web Layout
Previously, the web layout seemed static and old. The features were outdated and lack sophistication or the 'Wow' factor. Boxes and one ticker tape bar greet visitors of the website. In seemed abandoned.

Everything has changed now; it looks more professional and sophisticated. For example, there there is a TPJC Gallery available in the main page now. Click on it and a pop-out image slide show will appear, displaying high-quality photos. You may click the 'NEXT' button on the top right corner of the photo to view the next picture.

The navigation links for visitors to hop onto a new page are also enhanced. You no longer see links queuing up one below another at the main page. Now, only five navigation panels line up just below the banner. Roll over a link and the text colour will instantaneously change to lime green, before a small box begin to crop up displaying the sub-pages. To sum up, the new website looks more refreshing, professional and neat.

Oh yeah, if you have heavy fingers, there is a search box which allows you to find answers to your queries fast. The new system is hassle-free and saves a lot of time.

Good Colour Combination
I will be straightforward; the colour combination for the previous college website was horrid and dull. It was a mixture of white and green (light and dark). The colour combination for the boxes displayed all over the 'Academic Subjects' page was even more unpleasant to the eyes, with a myriad of colours such as blue, green and black all lumped onto one single page.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief upon visiting the new website. It is definitely better. It is a mixture of dark grey, orange and green - perfect colour combination. I love the way they play around with the colours for each post title and, sub-heading and even the calendar dates. It is much better now.

Nevertheless, I feel the design for main banner can still be improved.

I believe the main banner should be outstanding. Since the main font used for the navigation and content is traditional (looks like either Times New Roman or Arial), what about having a totally different font for the main banner text. I like the school logo, though. Keep experimenting!

Overall, I give 4 out of 5 stars for the our new public website.




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Anonymous said...

yup definitely a great improvement for TPJC... the banner... LOL!!! now let's wait for the revamped tpjc.net... haha...

not very compatible yet leh... (http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/9498/picture5ix5.png) and a little too much flash.. The content also have bad placement... 3/4 of the screen is not the content.. (http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/6255/picture6bb2.png) is the gallery + the college video... zZz...

overall still a very good upgrade...

yeechien said...

Hey azhar, Jia Ying's a she.

azhar said...

@ anonymous: Yeah. And thank you for sharing the photo links. Interesting. You have sharper eyes than I do. = )
@ yeechien: Oh no. Updated. Thank you.

80 cents said...

Yup totally a great improvement. But still lacking in things to impress people.

Pictures of facilities too small to see the best out of it. And i realise the 'computer lab' pic is not in our school. Must have 'kop'(steal) somewhere because the computer looks so old.

Oh well, still a long way to go but still, its a great start.

azhar said...

Perhaps the computer lab pic is an old photo.

And yeah, it's a great start. = )

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