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Written by Lim Yu Shaun (08S09).

This is Chess Club. Lets go into the introduction first. We play five main mind sports namely Weiqi/Go, Chinese Chess, Contract Bridge, Othello/Reversi and lastly International Chess. Our training dates are Wednesdays from 2.30 – 5.30pm and Fridays from 1.30 – 4.00pm. We play both competitively and casually. This year we are in need of players especially in Weiqi, Othello and International Chess.

Our Club shirt with the five games we play.

Check out our video here:

We also organize other activities such as Service Learning trips, a camp and also a chalet.

Enough of the nerdy stuff; I’ll now share my experience as a Chess Club member. I’m obsessed with Weiqi/Go (ever since I watched anime). Sadly, it’s not very popular in Singapore. In fact when I entered the Chess Club, only one other person knew how to play the game. Being a Chess Club member is not all about playing games but also having fun. Somehow we managed to form a team after months of casual practice. The experience gained from the tournaments is priceless. I believe that we should be playing not just to win, but also to make new friends and teaching others in the process. I never regretted joining the Chess Club and I am proud to be a member of the team.

That said, we welcome everyone - beginners, experts and enthusiasts. Feel free to come down to play with us at D203 (our club room) anytime. We are looking forward to see you all.
Lim Yu Shaun (Izumi), Captain (Weiqi & Othello), TPJC Chess Club


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