Yet Another Anti-STOMP Blog Opened

Even though attempts by local netizens to close down STOMP in the past were of no avail, they remain adamant and decided to launch yet another anti-STOMP blog. The only difference this time is that it comes together with a Facebook cause known as 'Stomp out STOMP for good!' to act as a tool to garner as much online support as possible.

Do visit the blog HERE.

One of the blog posts published suggested members to send a letter of appeal for the discontinuation of STOMP. A paragraph was inserted to inform supporters that they are not committing a crime but instead just performing their duty as a concerned citizen. The letter specifically mentioned how STOMP encourages the culture of voyeurism in our society, unnecessarily intrudes into the private lives of Singaporeans and destroys the lives of Singaporeans affected by the stories featured in the website.

You can join the cause HERE.

Meanwhile, the Facebook cause has attracted more than 450 members and is still growing. The cause hopes to raise awareness of the shortcomings of STOMP through the use of the new media. There is currently an active discussion going on in the group whereby members examine the negative impacts of STOMP and raise suggestions to improve it.

Sceptics are already questioning the effectiveness of such a cause. As mentioned earlier, many anti-stomp websites had been closed down in the past. Furthermore, online petitions rarely work in Singapore. Nonetheless, I applaud the effort of the creator and administrators of the cause for highlighting an important issue on responsible citizen journalism. I hope they continue fighting for the cause or else we will be left counting the number of days left before it closes down.


)}i{( said...

i don think the problem is with stomp itself, because stomp is just merely a tool for relaying info gathered from the public.. i think the problem lies with the quality of the stomp articles.. since usually they tend to be one-sided, pervasive and sometimes lacking in credibility.. :)

Anonymous said...


May I know who to contact regarding queries about this blog?

azhar said...


You may contact us by e-mail to:

Thank you.

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