The Student Council - Leaders For The Student Body

Written by Wee Yong Choon Eugin (08S02).

The TPJC Student Council started in 1986, and has a long history of serving the student body and upholding college values. The new addition to our TPJC family – the J1s, may be curious as to what exactly is the Student Council all about. It is not just another co-curricular activity, but in fact, it is the highest form of student representation and leadership a student can obtain at the junior college level.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This is indeed true as being a councilor is not as easy as what others think. The Student Council takes charge in planning the majority of the school events such as the Teachers’ Day, Council Investiture, National Day, Prom Night, Friendship Week and also the upcoming JC1 Orientation Camp!

The 23rd Student Council.

Not only that, being a councilor also means that we must uphold the school values at all times, such as integrity, perseverance and teamwork to name a few. We are also responsible for initiating new proposals and ideas that we deem will be beneficial to the school population as a whole. A good example would be the launching of the Good News Café in year 2007, thanks to the intense campaigning by the 21st Student Council.

With all these responsibilities and heavy duties tagged to the title of being a councilor, what exactly are the perks and benefits of being a member of the prestigious Student Council? Well, I would say there are mainly two things, which will affect your life in one way or another.

Firstly, it would be experience. Being a student councilor really gives you a lot of opportunities to excel in different areas, especially leadership. You get the chance to do tasks you have never attempted before – like writing detailed proposals, where you acquire skills you need in the workforce. Or perhaps more relevant to me, doing videos for the respective events and the compliments and praises that comes after the student body watches it, really makes you feel your effort is all worthwhile. Furthermore, you will learn the different skills and values throughout the council term like the importance of time management, the rare chance to interact with the other students, and also develop critical thinking skills.

Secondly, it would be working with the wonderful friends in Council. The friendship forged between each councilor is strong and I believe, will stay for eternity. We come together as individuals, but during the nine months of being a leader, we learnt from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are not selfish when it comes to giving each other learning points. And finally, we leave, not as individuals, but as the entire 23rd Student Council.

Now if you’re still wondering whether you’re suitable for Council, fret no more. Think about what exactly you want to achieve in your life. Do you want to make your days in the college memorable? Do you want to look back your JC days, ten years down the road, and realize you haven’t contribute much to the school? Hesitate no more, show your courage and be a part of the 24th Student Council now!


Anonymous said...

What's the procedure for the election of the student council?


Eugin said...

The confirmed procedure of the election will be released soon. Not much details with regards to the election can be given out because there has been a revamp in the election system. So do keep a lookout!

Eugin (TPJC Student Councilor)

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