Wushu - Why We Stand Out From The Rest

Written by Seah Ching Chong Jake (08S21).

A good friend of mine once posed me this question during a normal conversation. He asked, “What makes Wushu stand out from the rest of the CCAs?” Immediately, I thought of two good answers.

TPJC Wushu has one vision, which is to accept all members regardless of race or experience. In Wushu, everyone is treated equally and given equal chances. Last year, the new JC1s were given a chance to take part in the National Inter-School Wushu Competition although most of them just tried the sport. Despite not knowing the basics, the whole team persevered and clinched third prize in the Group Quanshu – Boys Category. This itself has separated Wushu from the rest of the sports CCAs.

The second reason is the family bond that all the members has for one another. We organize group outings and reunion dinners at coffee shops frequently. Moreover, we support each other academically - doing homework together and tutoring one another. CCA isn’t just CCA anymore; it becomes something more than that.

A wise teacher once told me, “Only those who persevered will be able to see the gem in things.” In the beginning, I was uncertain on my choice to take up Wushu. However, after I joined the team, I began to realize that I have stumbled upon many fortunes and treasures. And this motivated me to do my best for this CCA of mine, Wushu.

A member of Wushu


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