Woohoo! It's My First Day In TPJC!

Yesterday marked the first day of school for our new JC1 students and bloggers had already shared their thoughts on the orientation. Most of them gave good reviews about college but some remained unimpressed. In this blog post, discover what our new schoolmates think of Tpjcians and the college itself.

Several similarities can be found between the blog posts such as regarding the compulsory choir auditions and the canteen. Some of the observations made by the bloggers are (absolutely) hilarious such as the one on our Principal. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading...

[1st Day of School](Blogging Day 254)

It was great...I made 3 GREAT DISCOVERIES!...

1.JC can dye hair(but not too striking colour)
2.The girls in TPJC wear skirts that are shorter than miniskirt...WTH
3.There are 2 child actresses in my school...1 is Kim Wakerman(last year just completed A lvl) and the other is in JC 2 this year...but I don't know whats her name(should be Beverly i think)

[Choir Audition]
Everyone was forced to attend this stupid audition la,so bo bian...Teck GUan and I were in the same group,so we went audition together lo...and we just purposely screw the whole thing up until the conductor gave us the "WTF" face...HAHAHA!!!


Well, the first day of school at TPJC wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. Really thought i would like detest it alot. Met many hai sing people (mostly from e4 and e3) at the side gate entrance before entering to check which group we were in. And once again, i'm in OG1. Forever also gotta do with 1. Anyway, made many new friends within the group. :D There were 23 of us in total, majority girls. Kinda like our group, not that many dao people and they're mostly funny too. One funny part was our OCL (Wilson) said i look like Philipino, same as what Joey used to say about me. Guess it really couldnt end at secondary school. hahaha. :D


Let me start from my first day in TPJC.
I think i din mention in the previous post that i was posted to TPJC.
Should i be happy or sad, i don't know.
Nevertheless, i have analyzed the bad and good side of studying there.

Firstly, the school is just beside my house! Which means i can sleep till 7am in future :D
Secondly, my L1R5 is only 12, and 11 after subtracting my CCA, so even if i try MJ, i think i will not be able to cope mentally ? Because the standard of the school is like super damn high.
So what do you people think ? Haha. Im like so random now. LOL


Met serene, rachel and shayne at bus-stop & we went into school together.
I'm very very nervous at first, but luckily i met them . So was kinda relax after that(:
We were all seperated in our respective groups randomly once we reached school.
So we started to mingle with the crowds & get to know our OG members.


Anyways i decided i will not enter Catholic Junior College because it sucks to the max..

Here are the reasons:

1) Too many Marists

2) Canteen cannot compare to TPJC

3) Students cannot compare to TPJC

4) Everything cannot compare with TPJC


Oh and thanks Dean and Tiong Kiat for supporting me today =)


Tomorrow going to TPJC again!

I cant wait!!


Super fun!!

I prefer neighbourhood JC than independent JC like SAJC.



Okay, today was the first day of JC for me.
I guess some things have to be given a second chance.
Because when I decided to throw away all my blah feelings towards TPJC, I realised that it was actually a nice place.
And I think maybe the appeal into MJ doesn't matter anymore.


OK. it wasn't what I really wanted but I'm giving it a shot! Cos I'm prepared to not get MJ. Everyone's appealing ah! Why's it suddenly so popular?...
I'm not a fan of TPJ cos it's kinda dull. Who paints the whole school grey?! It's so depressing ah. MJ's much more vibrant and brighter and it just makes u want to study. I'm so grumpy right now. Gonna go collect my testimonial from Mdm Rozy's house. Appealing tomorrow! And more TPJ tomorrow! Chiao

Tpjc ain't that bad as i thought. Went to school in the morning about 20mins late because i forgot to estimate in the morning traffic. Kinda freaked out abit. But then i saw a familiar face. POOJA PANDEY! I'm so glad she's in the same school as i am. Sec 2 buddy. Tried my best to settle into the new environment. Made a couple of friends in the OG group. Group 35. I like Tpjc canteen. So much variety to choose from. The people there are quite friendly too. I realised that no one had put there as their first choice. Had talks the whole day. It's gonna be the same for the next few days, till wed where we have to choose our subject combos. Orientation camps are about the week after the next. Well. Techincally, It's not that bad.. I might kinda like it here.


My OG people are nice :D
out of 20 ppl, only 8of us are girls
but lucky most of the girls are those who gets high easily.
so we can crap around together .

so first day of school was not bad, quite fun actually.
hope tmrw would be even better !

orientation camp is held next week
3 days 2 nights
hope it will be fun


TPJC orientation jus now.
I love the school man.
Great friends there.

The laidback atmosphere...the happy-go-lucky people...
Suits me just fine baby.

Got selected...for CHOIR.
Everyone had to try out.
Group by group.
Then in the end me and Jackson from Yishun Sec were the last ones standing.
From our group ah.
But I was the only one selected.
The attractive choir instructor lady kept askin me if I have a musical background.
So I kept saying no.

But hmmm because I can't play sports for months,
most probably I'll just join Malay Cultural Society.
Buy maybe only la.


hey people!!!

today is the beginning of a new chapter of my life!!
first day in tpjc --
everything went quite well today, thus it a good start!

after we went into tpjc, we were seperated :(
as in we were grouped to different orientation groups.
there were talks in the hall, the principal seems to be too lively.
the way she express herself...
hmm, i dono how to explain her lively-ness.

umm, the people in tpjc are friendly :)
but.. there are more than 5 'rachel' in J1 :(
compared to damai, there are only 2 rachels and we have different surnames.
thus it's more easy to identify us.
but in tpjc, this year there are 2 rachel lim O.O
so, you see it's so difficult to identify all the rachels...



Anonymous said...

wait till she finds out how much Ms Choo loves to say GOD BLESS YOU.

oh boy...

Kriscell said...

Make me time of the time when I was in TPJC...

How time flies...


BEATRICE! said...

yay! go tpjc! hahaha I feel so happy when I read those, hahahaha GO TPJC!

Nabilah said...

Glad to see that juniors like TPJC.. but i'm wondering whether "JC can dye hair(but not too striking colour" is true?

haha since when

wee said...

can.. just don't get caught ah. hahaz
sadded. helen destroying the school

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