Finally, A Toy For Kids To Play, Lose Weight And Conserve Energy

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the world. Mary Bellizzi, an expert with the International Obesity Task Force once said, "We estimate that 22 million of the world's children under 5 are overweight or obese." The figure is alarming as it sheds light to the health problem facing our children today.

In the macro level, the world is battling a much more serious problem - environmental degradation. Global warming is affecting millions of people around the world. Recently, Australia faced one of its worse heat waves this year which led to a record-breaking prolonged high temperatures in the Southeast region of the country. The meteorological phenomenon affected the lives of thousands of citizens there. The threat that environmental disaster pose is real and monumental.

The key to solve the two problems is education. And it is our responsibility to teach the younger generation about proper eating diets and energy conservation. Good eating habits help prevent childhood obesity while energy conservation reduces the amount of pollutants that damage the environment, slows down the global warming process and so on. Early education creates a better tomorrow for our children.

So how do we solve the two problems at the same time using the principles of education? Well, an environmental entrepreneur has the answer to the question. Introducing Fastronauts, eco-friendly toys that are powered by play. Each Fastronaut comes with a rechargeable battery. The children will need to pedal in order to generate the energy required to power the lights and sound.

That is not all - each Fastronaut is equipped with a power indicator that can be pressed to make the gadget talk. Children receive instant feedback as they create energy, thus providing motivation and encouragement for them to cycle more. (Plus, imagine the cut in the amount of disposable batteries scattered all around our landfills.) When the children pedal more, this in turn helps to burn the fats in their bodies.

In short, Fastronauts not only educate our children about energy conservation and generation, but at the same time making exercising a fun activity for the kids. It is an innovative gadget that can change how our kids live in the future.


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